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Subject: temperaments.
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osteenet 25.11.13 - 04:18pm
4 a partner in life,which temperament wud u prefa,a.saguine.b.melancholicc.phlegmatic.d.chorelic. *

mari99 25.11.13 - 04:53pm
Ghai juu wen kam 2 thea wkness sanguine tell lies, poor listener, worldly n materialisd etc.bt d gud thng is popular, very creative n welkamin@ choleric ako na maattitude, imotions are least dveloped bt d gud thng ako powerful, indipendee etc. @ meloncholic ako perfect, vry orgnzd lv nature intelgnt bt wkns ako suspcious,2 perfct -ve. Pigmatic ako peacfl, co-operative bt wkns kan cmmt suicide, vry lazy n naive. Xo i beta b melancholic or phlegmatic *

osteenet 26.11.13 - 08:54am
wat temprmnt r u?,me none of d 4. *

mari99 26.11.13 - 08:58am
Non *

mwenyeji 24.10.14 - 10:01pm
I took the online test and I scored strongly choleric. So I think the same or direct opp would be good. *

mari99 21.08.15 - 10:50am
Mwenyeji no wada mtu matemper *

mwenyeji 29.09.15 - 03:57am
Hahaha ndio uliona eeh. lol *

mari99 2.10.15 - 01:58pm
C its true *

mwenyeji 13.07.16 - 11:07pm
Hahaha. Kinda *

mari99 28.08.16 - 03:08pm
true *

mwenyeji 6.11.16 - 01:26am
Hahaha...I'd allergic to bullsh*t I am. *

tantricp 24.04.17 - 10:41pm
Chilled, passionate, calm, happy. *

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