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Subject: Bored with the r/ship and s*x talk?
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mwenyeji 3.08.13 - 11:12pm
I am. Post anything else apart from that cr*p.

mwenyeji 3.08.13 - 11:15pm
For 1 my music collection is not updated. Where do get your mixes?

er1que 5.08.13 - 06:28pm
phew!atleast one right minded dude.all others talk abou s*x.. *

douglasv 6.08.13 - 05:56pm
I think it's healthy to talk bwt s*x. Pple talk bwt it when they ain't getting any. Its lyk a compensation thing. *

mwenyeji 8.08.13 - 04:09am
@Douglasv Am told there are people called wh*res who can readily help u with that. *

mwenyeji 8.08.13 - 04:47am
Kabeberi7s. Am buying beer whos in? *

douglasv 9.08.14 - 02:18pm
mwenyeji@ not every one is into whres *

maggymchish 19.11.14 - 03:20pm
mzae congrats!!.. hpo ndipo umenena *

mwenyeji 26.11.14 - 07:03am
@Maggy So what are you into? *

chickdy 30.11.14 - 07:24pm
What happened to this site and groups like lesbians of kenya? Haven't logged in here for ages nakam napata LOK is no longer there. tf!!?? *

mwenyeji 14.06.15 - 09:16am
Hahaha...I guess people moved onto to other social forums and sites. *

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