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Subject: Narok lesbians
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scarletz 11.11.12 - 10:00am
Any lesbian or gay guys in narok please hit my inbox, i know how it gets lonely in this small town lets give each other company :) *

queer 11.04.13 - 11:21pm
Tuko *

scarletz 4.05.13 - 08:49pm
Uko narok? *

sicnarf 9.06.13 - 07:16pm
wonders will neva end, i thot narok woz a viazi county! *

scarletz 29.06.13 - 06:41pm
What do you mean viazi county? *

sicnarf 8.07.13 - 02:17pm
i just thot dat narok cudnt produce lesbians n gays bt rather mo n mo wheat n potatoes, prove me wrong u gays! *

douglasv 6.08.13 - 05:51pm
What other prove do u need? *

sicnarf 10.08.13 - 04:38pm
yeah prove like hav u bin a victim? lol *

leatherq 14.08.13 - 12:38pm
Does a place really 'produce' people?? LGBTIQ are found everywhere. That line of thought is just ignorant & ill informed *

ayiro 28.01.14 - 08:38am
I nid a lesbians.al do the d*ldo,then anal.am straight though.but just nids the thrill. *

ayiro 30.01.14 - 09:01am
shocked2.GIF *

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