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Subject: Swali nyeti.
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nyeti 3.09.11 - 10:24pm
Reke marie.hehe.Atleast they got cheap beer like Afco *

lunngula 3.09.11 - 10:47pm
My good old fav joint with a chinese crackhead 4 a manager: Tanagers,Ground flr Rehema hse...coming from thea ryt now *

mwenyeji 4.09.11 - 12:32am
Some dumb , dragged me jana to Outering road, some shady joint inaitwa spinners or smthing like that. Tots are cheap tho'. *

k.major 4.09.11 - 06:54pm
Westie(redtape,rezorous,black diamond,crooked Q) Museum hill(galileos,savanna) *

mwenyeji 5.09.11 - 04:23pm
Haiya! Yaani Samba(kencom) has an offer on Mondays? All beers 110
Alafu Thursdays dimba hioio inavuka to Salt(opp cianda mkt).
I got 99 problems but a beer(ch) aint one. Waiter hit me! *

chickdy 5.09.11 - 09:45pm
@ mwenyeji even n-tyce has that offer on mondays *

mwenyeji 6.09.11 - 04:27am
Really? I hope they have better music than the Rumba played at Samba. s**t made me more blued by the monday blue. *

chickdy 6.09.11 - 06:00am
Sitakuficha, music ya n-tyce on monday ni ya udoo.they play rhumba and kiasi lingala..eh despite the drinks being ksh 50 cheaper than the other days, we had 2 take off after the 2nd round of drinks coz of that music... *

mwenyeji 3.08.13 - 11:41pm
Going thru this post again...kenyans love anasa and their beer. *

mwenyeji 3.08.13 - 11:43pm
Just remembered Sailors in Hurli...watch out for the broads. *

chickdy 4.08.13 - 08:19pm
sailors is alright *

mwenyeji 8.08.13 - 04:15am
@Chickdy Word!
Then there is this other pit stop where every table has a Jameson ordered. *

mwenyeji 23.04.14 - 01:53am
Time to breath some new life on this 1. Where dyu take ua 1 for the road skuizi? *

chickdy 2.05.14 - 06:48pm
Yours truly has reduced going out,if she has to drink ni kwa nyumba.Na ikibidi kuenda out then it's at the local bar called Cubano in donholm *

mwenyeji 3.05.14 - 05:04am
@Chickdy Ni uzee ama security situation ndio imekufanya ivo? Hehehe *

chickdy 10.05.14 - 08:47am
Uzee and kuchoka partying.There's more to life than partying every Friday or Sato *

mwenyeji 11.05.14 - 10:57pm
Its not hard partying as kitambo but you also can't teach an old dog new tricks. *

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