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Subject: Swali nyeti.
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mwenyeji 1.09.11 - 10:33pm
So nimechoka na locals, same ol' faces and scoundrels around. So nikitaka ku-make it happen, club/joint/pub/den gani skuizi ndio zinabamba...apart from the gentlemen clubs read t*ty bars(strip clubs)? *

mwenyeji 1.09.11 - 11:09pm
Club and locality. *

kanono 2.09.11 - 12:13am
Expound a bit more..which is that/thoze joints umechoka nazo(To avoid thr repetition kwa replies) *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 09:46am
Kuja locals yangu...kaginas aka hb *

mwenyeji 2.09.11 - 09:52am
@chickdy where's that? *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 10:04am
Buru next 2 tuskys.opp wab hotel *

kanono 2.09.11 - 12:42pm
Hornbill ya buru? forgive me if it sounds hrsh but HEHE!.Heri hornbill ya tao.It was closed smetym back but now its more clean,spacious and pimped kuliko ya buru.But all in all,club ni ka manzi--Beauty is in the eye of the beholder *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 01:26pm
Ushasema kanono... *

kimanii 2.09.11 - 02:00pm
Tacos.Hehe.But wait till the holidays end.Waz thea lstmonth(Mid-month Aug)and it waz so full(Colle kids).Even my fav space @ Tacos,hapo kwa balcony,was so full.I jst enjoyed my drink,had a light chat b4 walkin out abt an hr later *

kanono 2.09.11 - 02:12pm
Tacos Balcony?!?!!wohlalala..the famous gaydudes spot?..eeh.usifanye nikushuku..don make me turn my hmophobic side on.. *

kimanii 2.09.11 - 02:22pm
Please reduce the ndukulu ur taking @ kanono.If u dont frequent tacos,then dont bring here myths and hogwash rumors uve heard from ur illitrate pals.nkt!! *

chrswzy 2.09.11 - 02:50pm
hi chickdy.gud 2 see kuna buru massive in the hse..we kanono wacha zako.Hiyo inakuwnga rumor tu *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 03:29pm
Chris latitude ikoje? *

chrswzy 2.09.11 - 05:01pm
Latitude reads 15 N,Elgon court 65 W Buru Phase 2...urs? *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 05:04pm
Hahaha...wacha hizo.. Eh i meant something else *

kenrrazy 2.09.11 - 06:50pm
Mwendaz pub along utalii strt if u wanna drown ur chic in tails.Raving i prefer rezorous.Im not into the oldskul music thts usually played @ mwendaz *

ringding 2.09.11 - 08:05pm
Why dont u cwom fidi check out club monte carlo fi some b*mby ragga riddims.Tomorrow sato is night of the legends *

mwenyeji 2.09.11 - 08:40pm
Wenye wanatetea tacos acheni hizo...I've been there n its true. But now angalau they do it chinichini kiasi, unlike sometime back a pal of myn was spanked akiingia. As for monteh...last tym I was thea ni b4 2003. Shud sample that soon. *

pitarapa 2.09.11 - 08:53pm
If i wanna meet up with a pal or just enjoy a drink in peace at the counter,winebar is the place *

frasha 2.09.11 - 09:05pm
Try club bettyz.It might hav a few queer peeps but hey,thats my fav joint.Sunday lakini thea waz a fire scare while we were inside..waahh! *

pitarapa 2.09.11 - 09:08pm
haha.Kwani ilikuwa nini? fire alarm ama? *

frasha 2.09.11 - 09:14pm
It waz this big smell of smoke and peeps started rushing out and i did too,but nah it wasnt fire *

kamah 2.09.11 - 09:30pm
I left bettys coz ilikuwa inajaa sana.If u didnt come b4 6pm ud find the joint crowded.I moved to skylux and madd house *

hanni24 2.09.11 - 09:43pm
@chickdy..latitude is gud, quite smal bt the d.j is rilly tite. gud musik. on my way thea..xx *

chriskee 2.09.11 - 09:47pm
Club sound @ mpaka plaza for thoz of us low key profile guyz who prefer dancing nahlinga in a dark dance floor.haha *evil smile* *

chickdy 2.09.11 - 09:55pm
Mmh thanx hanni24 will try it soon.. *

chrswzy 2.09.11 - 10:14pm
Aiyaya.hahaha.My mind must hav been lyk in anaa universe.U were talkin bwt Latitude Lounge hapo buru bsns centre?hehe.Iko poa.My pal Dj blaze a.k.a mike mo spins in thea @ hanni ukimcheki mgotee.The only prob na latitude was drainage lst wk na overcowdin coz of the holz.ill check it out kesho nd see 4 myslf how thngs are this wk.again pole 4 the absent mindnes! *

mwenyeji 2.09.11 - 11:40pm
Latitude-Buru, winebar-iko wapi hio...ndio sijawahi fika.
How comes siskii Scratch-Moi Av, chillers, F, na pia hurlingham niliacha kukiwa matata last time I was there smtym last year?

masjide 3.09.11 - 08:31am
Winkers hapo Kenya Cinema is always active.U come in,u leave bila stress *

mnoma34 3.09.11 - 10:32am
@chriswezy ur pals with Dj blaze? Ehh.I luvd the Dj blaze-Dj sammy combination @latitude.Hawa ma dj wanacomingi nwadys wako down tu sana.Ukimwona si umshow akuwe anacome more often.Hii mambo yake kukam kiu fortnight si poa... *

mwenyeji 3.09.11 - 10:39am
@masjide Winkers nayo niliskia inareputation ya kuekewa mchele na mapinji coz ya hio ku-crowd. *

pitarapa 3.09.11 - 11:41am
@mwenyeji,winebar iko mama ngina street next to 20th century.You cant miss it *

muchiiri 3.09.11 - 01:45pm
Kuna Pasara @lorno hse ground floor.Ukichelewa u might miss a seat.The 3 times i was there they had very low music.Tho the place is classy with the sandswiches and all.Ubaya ni kufungwa mapema.They can close as early as 11.Club bettys if u wanna go home with a hot sxy chic & Njugunas hapo waiyaki way when im in my kyuk habit of drowning nyama choma with beer. *

oboya 3.09.11 - 04:21pm
I reduced my goings to westie due to the various thuggings coming frm the clubs latenyt.Zeeps(opp hilton) is my joint.Pocket friendly,supers*xy bar maids with their short skirts.Problm is that its management is preety ed up and the staff thea4 keeps striking.So there's alot of firing and replacing of staff.U go one day and find that swit brmaid u used 2 tip is no longer there,or a new boring dj that doesnt even scratch the songs. *

mrkceaa 3.09.11 - 07:41pm
Thea used to be a rowdy crowd & another gay clique that started to creep up @ psys last yr so i kinda stoppd frequenting there 4 a while and moved to simmers.Simmers bored me lst month i went bck to psys *

njo.ro 3.09.11 - 08:25pm
@muchiri,i also go there..@njugunas atleast once a month.We shuld meet and ria some nyama thea *

muchiiri 3.09.11 - 08:40pm
Ok.Nigurora sept schedule gwire.. *

shntelle 3.09.11 - 08:57pm
I like going to Riviera when im wth my gals.I dont like hanging out in its main bar coz it easily gets crowded and noisy so most of the tym im @ the longue near the back door where its serene,sippin alil sum,sum with my gals *

atien0 3.09.11 - 08:59pm
Rafikiz lounge with the inferno vjs and karaoke nyts never dissapoints *

minajjj 3.09.11 - 09:15pm
U were askin if i read u rite??..joints in Hurli?....we hav; Sippers,The Hood,Casablanca tail lounge,Tamasha,Blanco's lounge & grill..and dozens of massage parlours whea all the gals are white..yap,passats(GK)frequent em too,the parlours i.e *

chaarlow 3.09.11 - 09:27pm
Hehe.Nyc.Ive always considered sippers one the best clubs in nai and hurli one dope hood 2 live in.Malls mnazo akina Yaya center,clubs,hse parties...Ur one lucky chic *

chickdy 3.09.11 - 09:31pm
@ shantelle i totally agree with u riviera ni mambo yote.. Bei ya Drinks zao ndo iko juu compared 2 seasons & E-ntyce..but me stil like riviera *

onynchah 3.09.11 - 09:32pm
Btw how is AFCO nowadays? Used to go there a few yrs back to drink cheap beer @45.Anyone here been there oflate? *

kanono 3.09.11 - 09:38pm
@onyancha,bado iko.Beer ni 70 bob sikuhizi but a lot lower than most joints around *

mututho 3.09.11 - 09:50pm
Ahh.Good ol AFCO.Reminds me of the beer prayer:
Baba yetu uliye breweries,bia zako zitufikie.Bei yake iwe rahisi hapa kwa bar kama AFCO,utupe chupa mingi.Kila siku utusamehe makosa yetu kama unavyo wasamehe wasiolewa.Utuondolee pepo kama MUTUTHO na usitutie mtaroni bali nyumbani utufikishe.Kwa kuwa bia ni zako;wine,keg,tot cham na hata spisits.Aaaaammiiinaaaaa.Cheerz walevi wote in All-Kenyans! *

kanono 3.09.11 - 09:54pm
hahaha.cheers fellow drunkdrunk.GIF *

fidiche 3.09.11 - 09:57pm
The Exchange bar,serena.Very cosy setting,polite staff and big screens i can watch footie while unwinding *

man.key 3.09.11 - 09:59pm
I go 2 kinangop bar.There's all kinda african cuizines u can swa11ow from ingokho to mukimo to biriani... *

ddrogba 3.09.11 - 10:01pm
After the closure of Modern Green,me i moved my black to Sports bar.Tho i also go 2 other clubs like mwendaz and zeeps *

pittah 3.09.11 - 10:04pm
Visa place and Gazzibos(both in Upperhill)coz they r both near jobo *

chickdy 3.09.11 - 10:10pm
Wawawa mankey umenikumbusha zile bar ziko along hio street ya kinangop..kitambo b4 the millenium wen urs truly was in college,i used 2 frequent princess aka orinso and spiders club..sikuhizi hata siwes jaribu kuingia hizo majoint *

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